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◉  Web Protection


Advanced algorithmic software programs that constantly search the web, indexing piracy sites by utilizing items such as keywords, body text, reciprocal links, and much more.

◉  Torrent Protection


Disrupts the flow of data packets within a peer-to-peer file transfer protocol for sharing large amounts of data over the Internet, in which each part of a file downloaded by a user is blocked from transferring to other users.

◉  Search Engine Protection


Collects, parses, and stores data to facilitate fast and accurate information detection and noticing to major global search engines. Removes infringing links from the top search result pages which are hijacking your traffic.

◉  Streaming Protection


Detects and matches a continuous stream of data using advanced algorithms and human audit to remove infringing streaming video source files and URLs from the internet. We handle live and taped streaming content.

◉  NFT Protection


Utilizes forensic fingerprinting, scanning, and watermarking techniques to stop the illegal distribution of digital NFTs globally.  

◉  Mobile App Protection


Automated download of mobile applications from mobile application markets, processing of metadata for each downloaded application, including extraction and analysis of the applications that stream illegal content to the mobile phone or tablet.

◉  Search Engine Optimization


Removes infringing URLs from top of Google Web Search with keywords related to Intellectual Property (IP), targeted domains, and high conversion analytics.  Our combination of advanced algorithms and human audit work at high velocity and high volume.​

◉  Bandwidth Optimization


Delivers network scaling in alignment with audience growth, with seamless integration and non-invasive system deployment that saves streaming infrastructure and bandwith costs.  Risk management solution to ensure the content is viewed with low buffering and high resolution.

◉  Torrent Intelligence


Program that records all network packets like IP address and metadata that travel past a BitTorrent network interface, on a given computer, on a network. Used for content trend analysis and data intelligence for predictive financial planning, content pricing, and global marketing initiatives.

◉  Content Licensing


Monitors and reports web network traffic by targeting infringing websites using deep packet inspection and analysis tools.  Provides a historical view of web activity of consumers of infringing content, used for supporing  web planning, marketing and litigation activities.

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