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◉  Asia Pacific’s #1 provider of Protection, Optimization and Licensing Services

Leaders in Torrent, Search Engine, Mobile App and Web protection, optimization, and secure licensing systems delivery. Extensive expertise working with global technology vendors entering the Asia Pacific market. Exclusive representation of multiple technology platforms in the delivery of services globally.


◉  Innovative and First Mover

First company to begin Asia Pacific content protection business on a global scale for Asia Pacific content owners. Developed global technology partnerships, initiated new services, implemented and successfully won new business from the content, media and software industries.


◉  Advanced Technology and Media Knowledge

20 years of technology and media exposure has given our executives a broad and deep understanding of the technology and media landscapes, both in Asia Pacific and globally in the U.S. and Europe.


◉  Mobile First Approach

Asia Pacific has the largest number of smartphone and tablet consumers in the world.  From content distribution through mobile app streaming to mobile security of native applications and in-app advertising, we understand the importance of protecting the mobile experience for enterprises and government.


◉  Web3 Innovation

Knowledge and experience in innovative web3 technology and services, including content storage, security, and distribution for global content brands in gaming, esports, film, animation, and others.


◉  Search Engine Industry Expertise

Together with our partner, we were the first vendor to successfully request Google to successfully remove an infringing web search link.  It was the start of a tremendous change in the search engine protection industry.


◉  Torrent Protection Leadership

The most important piracy channel for distributing content, torrents have been used widely for their ease of use, and non-compliance to the DMCA. We have provided leadership in developing a solution and service which effectively stops the transfer of content within the P2P environment.


◉  Bandwidth Optimization

We provide a smart and secure Peer-2-Peer CDN that handles massive spikes in network traffic while lowering network buffering and scaling out without major hardware investments.  This solution provides fail-over content distribution security when a major release goes viral.


◉  Global Vendor Partnerships

Partnerships with global leaders in cyber security, web3, network infrastructure, storage, and content securit for  technology development, deployment and management of customer systems on a global scale.


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