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Digital Media Content, Security,

and Monetization Solutions


Media Services Group, Inc. (MSG) is a global provider of digital content protection, traffic optimization, and intelligence software and services to the media, internet, and entertainment industries. 


The company was launched to support the digital protection, optimization, and intelligence needs of marketing, sales, and legal executives in order to protect,grow, and achieve maximum value from their media, IT, and corporate intellectual property.


◉  Web Protection

◉  Torrent Protection

◉  Search Engine Protection

◉  ​Streaming Protection

◉  ​Mobile App Protection

◉  Advertising Protection

◉  Web Intelligence

◉  ​Torrent Intelligence

◉  ​Search Engine Optimization

◉  ​Traffic Optimization


◉  Web Crawling Algorithms

◉  Video and Image Matching

◉  Search Engine Scraping

◉  ​Traffic Management 

◉  ​Torrent Disruption

◉  Torrent  Monitoring

◉  Mobile App Analysis

◉  ​Ad Network Analysis

◉  ​Ad Tracking

◉  ​Device Targeting